Hi. Thanks for actually bothering to read the “About” page on this blog.

I wanted to start with that, because I really do appreciate your visiting here. It’s cool to have people visit your blog.

This blog exists to be a collection of my favorite poems that I’ve written, so if ever my poetry box burns up and my computer crashes in a freak accident, I’ll know that my best stuff is stored in cloud space somewhere, safe from fires and hurricanes and tornadoes.

If you like poetry, that’s great. šŸ˜€ Leave a comment or something, because I’d love to hear feedback. (Even mean feedback. If I don’t like you, I’ll just delete your comment, because I’m the master of my blog. :D)

If you don’t like poetry, I’d suggest you leave this blog quickly and never come back, because that’s pretty much all you’ll get here.

Thanks again for coming! Happy browsing.


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